Young Curators: Exhibition

An exciting new exhibition created by local young people will open with a special event on Friday Marh 8.

The exhibition at Wisbech Museum showcases some of the changes to Wisbech and the market towns of March, Chatteris and Whittlesey since the 1900’s and has been developed and curated by Atelier East’s Young Curators Forum.

The young people have worked hard to create a diverse exhibition and have spent months collecting photographs and interviews, organising day trips and developing their research skills, as well as curatorship and team building.

“This project has been really fun and I particularly liked the trip we organised to Horniman Museum in London. It was nice to go and get inspiration for our exhibition as well as taking 30 other young people who wouldn’t of had the chance to go otherwise.” said Monica, a Young Curator.

The Young Curators Forum formed in November 2011 and started work on the history project, funded by HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) and supported by Atelier East’s Karen Harvey. Throughout their journey they have been working towards a Silver Arts Award, a highly recognised award across the nation.

The Young Curators Forum are also launching a touring exhibition which will travel venues across Fenland, including Chatteris Museum and March Library.

“I have gained a lot of skills by doing this project” Said Charlotte a member of the Young Curators Forum. “I really enjoyed the project and I would encourage every young person to take part in opportunities like this.”

Another Young Curator, Abbie said, “This project has been really great. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve enjoyed working with Karen and the other Young People.”

As well these achievements, the Young Curators have been nominated for the Pride in Fenland Awards as well as being short listed for the prestigious YOPEY Awards.

Brandon Mattless, Lead Curator said, “I have enjoyed every minute of the last 18 months especially putting this exhibition together. I have have met lots of Young People which have been delightful to work with as a team and it’s good to show everyone that Young People are doing positive things, not just for their community but the whole of Fenland. I hope that this exhibition will make people realise the importance of local heritage and how it has effected our lives today.”

The Young Curators have created a booklet to help others to create a similar project, including recording oral reminiscences and producing photographic archives. The booklet will be available at Wisbech Museum and will be sent out to schools, libraries, museums and community groups.

“I am so very proud of these amazing young people. 18 months is a very long time to work on a project, especially if you are only 14 - thats a big proportion of your life! They have been so dedicated and thoughtful, and their exhibition is going to look absolutely amazing! If you want to feel good about the positive future of Fenland, then come along and meet these fantastic young people!” said Karen Harvey of Atelier East.

‘Wisbech: A Century of Memories’ will be shown at Wisbech and Fenland Museum from 11th March - 20th April. The exhibition opens on Friday 8th March with a Grand Opening event. Tickets are free and available by email. For more information about the project please contact Karen or Brandon at