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Anger over Wisbech incinerator, disgust at hunting and view on global warming

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Changes to stupid incinerator proposal

I have just read the proposed application for a Development Consent Order by Medworth CHP Ltd, published in the Fenland Citizen, dated June 16.

I would like to draw readers’ attention to just one aspect of the stupid proposal that has changed since (MP) Steve Barclay scrutinised papers provided by Medworth and then provided residents with an update.

The figure of 523,500 tonnes of waste to be processed has now been increased (as stated in the latest application by Medworth) to 625,600 tonnes per annum (this is equivalent to an additional 4,000 loads per annum).

Assuming lorry loads of 25 tonnes, this equates to 25,000 lorry loads per annum.

So, if 363 days are worked, approx 68 loads will be delivered each 13 hour working day. This means approximately five loads per hour or one load every 11 minutes.

The traffic congestion is already a serious concern for local people in this part of Wisbech.

This additional traffic
impact is totally unacceptable and I would urge residents to strongly oppose the building of the incinerator.

Chris Cook


John Elson's Fenland Citizen cartoon (48437720)
John Elson's Fenland Citizen cartoon (48437720)

Outdated and disgusting so-called sport

Did you know that despite fox hunting being banned since 2005 and despite a leaked webinar telling the hunting fraternity how to fool people into thinking that they no longer ride out with the purpose of killing foxes, that there is now going to be a festival of hunting next month in Peterborough?

If you are among the huge percentage of people who are against this barbaric practice, please think about joining the League against Cruel Sports or one of the animal charities who are trying to help eradicate this outdated and disgusting so-called sport.

Anything less sporting than a large group of adults on horseback and a pack of dogs chasing and ripping apart one small animal is hard if not impossible to imagine.

Brenda Barber

via email

Blaming us for a natural event

Big business and industry is cashing in on climate change and global warming with
answers to solve the problem... but let’s examine the facts.

Throughout history, nature and Mother Earth has caused extinctions.

The dinosaurs were killed off after an asteroid hit the earth and caused global climate change, just like volcanic eruptions spewing out smoke and ash affecting our ozone layer.

It’s also true to say our earth’s axis has tilted due to such events and caused cimate changes.

So what our goverments are trying to hide by blaming us for this natural event is the fact we have triggered our own apocalypse.

They cannot stop the consequences but slow down the inevitable.

Mark Burton


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