A few ‘idiots’ give us all a bad name

AS a motorcyclist and car driver I felt I had to write regarding the letter from Mr D Jones.

First of all, I would like to send my condolences to Mr Jones for the loss of his daughter but even though I agree with him that there are a few motorcyclists out there that act like idiots and give the motorcycling community a bad name, most motorcyclists have been trained properly and correctly by people like Camrider and often take extra training run by the Bikesafe team.

We motorcyclists don’t ask car drivers to pull over and let us pass. I personally wouldn’t overtake unless it was safe to do even if a car moves over.

If you are a car driver that moves over to let us pass, we thank you, but don’t put yourself in danger doing so, and we are not all idiots of motorcycles.