A motorcyclist’s view

I AM writing in reply to ‘Warning after accident’ (Citizen May 4).

Firstly, may I offer my condolences on the loss of Mr Jones’ daughter last year.

I feel I must put forward the motorcyclist’s point of view. I have been riding bikes for 24 years and now take my five-year-old daughter as pillion, my husband takes my seven-year-old son on his bike.

I too agree that there are some bikers that insist on flouting the law and driving erratically - causing all bikers to be tarred with the same brush.

However, the majority of bikers are law abiding, courteous road users. I do admit that most of us overtake and slot between vehicles - this is the advantage of being on a bike.

I spend most of my week commuting on four wheels. I also move over for motorcycles but only if it is safe to do so.

We, as bikers, do not ‘expect’ cars to move over, if they do, it’s a bonus and a quick ‘thank you’ with a wave should suffice.

Nowhere in the Highway Code or in the law does it state that a car ‘has’ to move over for a motorcycle to pass.

Drivers move over of their own accord. A motorcyclist, no matter how intimidating they may look, cannot force a car driver to make that manoeuvre.

If you do and you hit the kerb then this is driver error.

The blame for this accident and indeed sad loss, cannot be placed on the motorcyclist.