A tough world for everyone

IN response to the story (Citizen December 14) about two proposed wind turbines for Three Acres March Junction South.

Here are few suggestions for you Mr Richard Moore.

The erection of two possible turbines will not make any difference to two empty warehouses, if you can afford to invest into two turbines, the business rate is a mere pittance.

Maybe a re-think on your business or even a change of use or even a relocation away from the residential houses that have to look at these monsters just meters away.

Yes a blot on the landscape, they may not be as big as Coldham Wind Farm but they are still monsters, plus you’ve got the sails on top of the height of the hub.

I and others will want a rate rebate if this goes through. I for one don’t want the outlook over the Fens. I’m not against green power but there is other alternatives you can use, without upsetting the people of March.

Yes it’s a tough world, we older pensioners are struggling to pay for our heating bills and you are complaining about your business rates.