A zero tolerance attitude

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YOUR item about the anti-social behaviour order being imposed on a teenager in Wisbech is shocking. However, rather than focusing on the antics of this teenager, my question is: What is being done about those who provided the alcohol for him to be drunk on nine occasions?

It is an offence for any licensed premises to supply alcohol to a 17 year-old and it is also an offence for anyone over 18 to buy alcohol for consumption by someone who is under age. Where were the licensing authorities and police when these offences were committed and what action have they taken?

I am not anti drink but I am concerned about the extent of under age drinking and alcohol abuse in our society.

As once was said by a judge: ‘If there weren’t receivers of stolen goods there wouldn’t be any thieves’. The same applies to those who supply alcohol to vulnerable youngsters. In fact, as responsible adults, they are more guilty in my opinion, than the young people.

There should be zero tolerance by the authorities towards premises that breach the law regarding the supply of alcohol