A1101 - proper signs needed

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ON the subject of road markings, speeding and safety etc.

The A1101 between Wisbech and Tydd Gote - when are we going to see proper speed limit signs in place?

We should all be aware that the speed limit on this stretch is 50mph, except travelling from Wisbech at Gypsy Bends it is 50mph, 40mph, 50mph all within about 150 metres. On the approach to Tydd Gote there is one statutory sign to say you are now in a 40mph limit.

On the return journey, on leaving Tydd Gote there are no statutory signs to say the speed limit has changed from 40mph to 50mph until you come to the first small marker board on the left reminding you that you are in a 50mph limit.

How are strangers to the area to know what it should be especially when being guided by a sat nav, that road still shows up as a 60mph limit?