Academy status concerns

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IN regard to the article on March’s Neale-Wade Community College moving to academy status (Citizen October 5).

I am a student at Neale-Wade and I don’t think it should become an academy.

The Neale-Wade was only rated as ‘satisfactory’ by OFSTED so I don’t think that the school is good enough to become an academy.

I accept that changing the school’s status will mean increased funding and flexibility from the national curriculum but I don’t think the school has the resources and skills needed to make these decisions for itself.

More funding will just be taking funding away from other schools, some of which will need it more. The national curriculum is set for a reason and I see it pointless to differ from it.

It is a good thing the Neale-Wade is under the control of the LEA because it can check what the school is doing.

We should get a better OFSTED rating before we even consider making this change. Mr Wing “wants to make this school the best it can be” and this can be done in much more effective ways than changing the status.