Accidents waiting to happen

I’M pleased to see that March Town Council have endorsed a proposal by Cllr Kit Owen for warning signs on the A141 at Westry (March) but £1,000 for two signs seems a bit steep to me.

The recent horrific accident involving Cllr Jan French’s son on that stretch of road was a wake up call to everyone but as I have pointed out previously, the volume of traffic on that stretch of road is increased unnecessarily by the need for all vehicles to turn left at the Hostmoor Junction and those that are heading for Wisbech having to retrace back from the Wisbech Road roundabout.

The preferred option originally was for a roundabout at Hostmoor but that was resisted at the time.

In hindsight of course, it would have been the far better option.

I was astonished to find that the access for the new Cobblestones pub will be from the main road and even though a turning lane is being provided I can see that, only a matter of 50 yards from Hostmoor, creating additional hazards.

Why wasn’t access to the pub provided from Hostmoor Road rather than directly on to the A141?

Accidents waiting to happen it seems to me.