Almost full time practitioners

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HAVING studied the declaration of members’ allowances, published as required by law in the public notices of the Citizen dated July 11, the inevitable conclusion I come to is that we seem to be developing what I call a class of local politician who is, to all intents and purposes, a full time practitioner.

A leader of the council who is paid nearly £30k in a year plus travel and subsistence, is hardly in need of any other job, it seems to me and the same thought applies to the Cabinet members.

The fact that a number of these people are already retired, adds insult to injury in my view. Also, some of them serve on the county council and draw money from there as well.

As an elector, I don’t want a system where the key decisions are made by the chosen few behind closed doors and subsequently presented to the rest of the council as a fait a compli (or even a foregone conclusion)!