Also working for Walsoken

REGARDING the improvements to Sefton Avenue, Walsoken, (Citizen November 30).

I was not surprised to see the recent road works being credited to Cllr Sam Hoy by the writer.

I realise that Cllr Hoy may have had some involvement however, I want to bring to the readers’ attention that the local Liberal Democrats have also been working to address the issue.

In particular I know that Cllr Robert McLaren personally visited the County Highways at March and raised the issue, being promised it would be dealt with and it was.

Also for information here are just a couple of other issues that the Liberal Democrat councillors for Walsoken are involved with.

A new bus shelter is being erected at the junction of Lerowe Road to replace the old damaged one.

Discussions are presently taking place with Roddons for play equipment at the Spider Park in Jasmine Close.

The people of Walsoken get regular newsletters and surgeries are held every month so that people can come and air their views and problems.

The Liberal Democrat Team are also working hard for the people of Walsoken and get things done.