Alternative number

I AM a patient of the North Brink Practice at Wisbech and I am sure I am not alone when I say how concerned I am about the cost of making a phone call to this surgery.

The phone number used is 08444773121 and is a premium rate number and will therefore not be included in any of the major landline phone network or mobile phone company packages and will not be “free” to call.

However, it is not common knowledge that there is another number that patients can use to call the surgery. This is an 01945 number and it will be free to people who have “a package” with their phone company or mobile network, (packages do vary so check with your supplier) and even if people don’t have a “package” it will only be the cost of a local call. This alternative number is 01945-468900.

There is a website that anyone can use: to find alternative numbers to those listed by companies using preminum rate numbers. Once on this site type in the company name or the premium rate number, click search and if there is an alternative number this will be shown on the screen.

As the North Brink Practice no dout has a contract with the premium rate number supplier, as patients we don’t know when or if they will ever go back to using a phone number that all patients can afford to use.

Perhaps the practice manager could reply to this letter via your newspaper and let us know if the practice does have any plans to change from using a premium rate number.


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