Another Tesco

YET another example of Fenland District Council planners not knowing what the word means (Tesco store to come to Chatteris, Citizen May 4).

With six Tesco supermarkets within eight to 15 miles of Chatteris, what competitive offer do they accept? Another Tesco!

They managed to get approval for a superstore in Fenland Way using the argument about competition and encouraging visitors from others areas to the town. There will be no price competition with other Tescos and they have only Graven petrol prices to match.

Another Tesco will never tempt anyone from more than ten miles away from their own local one to visit Chatteris and trek through Station Street or Bridge Street to visit the High Street.

With the nearest Morrison stores 21 miles way at Cambourne or Downham Market they would be the ideal alternative store for Chatteris, not only providing for locals but inviting visitors from other areas with an alternative.

Messrs Harrier, with their talk of Chatteris people enjoying ‘modern shopping facilities in town’ should be told what the Chatteris people do want.

I read of the decision on voting day from my Chatteris town councillor and were it not for the AV referendum, wouldn’t have bothered.