Answering Reg’s questions

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REG Kemp asked five questions in the Citizen last week following a story regarding funding for the Isle College, Wisbech, by Fenland District Council. Here are the answers:

1. The full council agreed the principle of supporting the College of West Anglia (COWA) earlier in the year because improving educational choices is essential for the future of the area.

2. The difficulties the council faces are in the area of ongoing expenditure (the ‘revenue’ account); the money for COWA will be from the ‘capital’ account as it is a one-off;

3. The County Council Cabinet is considering a paper next week which provides for much more funding than that from the District Council;

4. The full council as part of budget meeting in February will make the final decision on the COWA funding.

The alternative to this support is losing the Further Education in Fenland; is this what Reg Kemp really wants?


County Councillor