Appalling congestion in March

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JUST my opinion, of course, but if Sainsbury’s in their infinite wisdom, decide to open the second exit on to Creek Road at March it will not make the slightest difference to the appalling congestion at Creek/Station Road junction.

About one in 20 vehicles leaving Sainsbury’s turn right at Creek Road (for which they sometimes drive partly into the path of oncoming traffic) because that is the shortest and fastest way home for most of them.

However, if some of the departing cars can leave via the other exit, not only will valuable short term parking have to go, (the dozen or so spaces opposite the Conservative Club), but most of this traffic will just go down Creek Road, already a congested and potentially dangerous route, left at St John’s Road, left at Station Road, and back to meet the original problem area.

This reasonably assumes that most of that traffic will be going through town or down Wisbech Road.

All this simply proves that it was a terrible decision to allow it to be built there in the first place.