Art already happening in town

I WOULD like to reply to last week’s article, Painting a better picture for town.

I am pleased that MP Steve Barclay has started a working group to give art a greater role in bringing communities together but I’m not sure if he is aware of the art that is already happening and I wanted to let everyone know.

I volunteer as the Lead Young Artist with Atelier East which is an art-based business that promotes art across Fenland to artists of all ages. And, since I’ve been volunteering for Atelier East, I have already achieved so much.

In April 2010, young artists in Wisbech had the chance to attend a Saturday Art Club at Wisbech Museum and gain their Bronze Arts award. They also got involved in a project about the Wisbech Adventure Playground, documenting the history of the old Spinney field and launching a book.

The young artists won a Pride In Fenland Award this year, after being nominated by Karen Harvey from Atelier East.

The award-winning young artists are running a Young Artist Forum and looking to recruit many more young people with talent to get involved in different projects and lead workshops for younger people.

I would just like to say that I am very proud of everything I and the other young artists have achieved and don’t want us to be forgotten.