Be aware

EACH week most of us get plastic sacks put through our letter boxes to collect items for ‘good causes’ that we have not heard of or others for causes with which we are familiar.

Sometimes these are from commercial companies who promise to make a donation to the named charity. In one example a company was paying just 4.5p per lb or 10p per kilo.

Another charity had just two percent, that is 2p in every £, actually getting to the stated aim of the charity, all the rest was used for salaries and other expenses.

Radio Norfolk is running awareness forums on this subject and Trading Standards are also looking closely at the often, very carefully worded statements, which these companies use to encourage you to give.

As this type of activity takes money out of the ‘charity pie’ our suggestion is that people take extra care in both who and how they support their chosen charity.


Walpole Highway