Bigger isn’t always better

IT appears to me that fewer people these days have kept the ability to see things through. A lot of replies seem to be the same.

“It’s not my job” or “If you hold the line I will connect you with someone who may be able to help.”

I’m afraid we have created this environment by expecting quality from a budget set up. The flip side is business is being taxed so heavily that to show a healthy profit, they are shaving the quality from service to the customer without advertising this fact.

The main reasons I am writing are: I have recently bought three household items from independently family-run shops in Wisbech. I did not intend to purchase these from independents but they were a much better quality and considerably cheaper.

One of these items was less than half the price of the same item in a chainstore.

Also, I know if ever I needed aftersales service it would be superior and this shopping experience pleasantly surprised me.

The difference across all three items paid for both my son and I to have our haircut and a drink in town. It would have also paid for a taxi home had we needed one.

Instead, we chose to walk through the park past the toilets which are due to close. They can raise £425,000 for new but cannot clean the ones we already have.