Bombing raid memories

Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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The letter about the bombing raid on Albany Road, Wisbech (Citizen January 15) from D W Bailey was quite interesting , I remember it well.

The raid happened at 3.30pm on November 11 1940. I have a list of almost all the bombing raids over the Isle of Ely during the war. There were few casualties considering the amount of raids - there were 137 incidents, nine people killed and 83 injured.

There were 12 high explosive bombs dropped in the Albany Road area, four houses demolished, 20 damaged and one person killed. On July 17 1945 there were 16 bombs dropped in Redmore Lane, Newbridge Lane and North Brink, one bomb at old South Brink, seven bombs and 50 to 60 incendiary bombs dropped at Money Bank and Elm Road area where the railway track and two houses were damaged. The Onyx cinema, a motor engineers garage, as well as two houses were destroyed, one person was killed and 12 injured. On August 7 the same year at 4.18am 10 bombs fell on South Road and Bath Road together with a number of incendiary bombs. Two houses were damaged and lots of windows broken. I do seem to remember one dropping in the vicarage grounds that is now the Church Terrace car park. A young girl and her mother were bombed out down Albany Road. They were rehoused in Railway Road, two doors from my home.She is about my age and we played together quite a lot. They had a Morrison’s shelter in their front room. A large steel and mesh contraption that we would play in. I’m sure she will remember it. I do like to look back on our school days together down Railway Road. I also remember going to see the bombed out Onyx Cinema with my brother Harry a few days later. We climbed over the rubble looking for shrapnel.

Laurence Smith,