Boot theft

FOLLOWING a letter about a theft at Skylark boot sale. About 6 weeks ago I was doing a boot sale there. I was approached by three women interested in some new earrings in a box. They asked the price which was £2. They tried to barter but it was early so I kept the price.

They picked another item for 50p which they purchased with a £20 note. A few minutes later I noticed the earrings had gone. Shortly before I decided to pack up the women were back and I asked them if they had accidentally put the box into their bag.

One claimed she paid £2 for them. If it hadn’t been that they gave me a £20 note for a 50p purchase I would have doubted myself. They did give me the £2. I’m sorry that the writer’s wife and daughter have had such a valuable item stolen.

What is it coming to when people have to steal from a boot sale?