Brighten the river side

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SPRING hovers on the horizon and we look forward to nature mantling the gardens, the fields and river sides with a rhapsody of colour.

At March the town is fortunate to have a deep-set river with plunging banks well attired with trees between the town bridge and the bypass bridge. Colourful gardens, bushes, willow and other trees with fine canopies blend with carefully attended riverside plots along West End, giving March its much vaunted Thames-side character.

East of the town bridge the scene differs. The river banks are bare, more so since a few trees and bushes were removed. Along this stretch visiting river craft tie at the moorings, an interesting sight in summertime.

Cannot something be done to add a splash of colour against the bank and lineage of old buildings along Nene Parade? Years ago, the Round Table, I believe, planted dozens of daffodil bulbs along the south bank. They looked a treat, quite comparable to the excellent display at Upwell sharing the same river.

Inexpensive low-profile flowering shrubs on both sides of the river would add considerably to the watery environment as would small prepared patches of hardy blooms adjoining the walk ways similar to those in the vicinity of The Acre.

It’s a pity that this part of the river, a natural tourist used highway through the town, appears neglected for the want of a little colour. A natural display would blend beautifully with the splendid arrangements of floral troughs on the bridge invoking appreciative comments from visitors and towns people alike. Could the council and Middle Level come together and discuss this?

March is becoming well known in the water men’s world both locally and far beyond, offering nearby marinas, all facilities and superb mooring central to the town. It’s surprising where the narrow boats and cruisers come from.

One side of the bridge a canopy of mature trees - the other side a rhapsody of colour? It would be wonderful.