Bus concerns

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THE recent announcement regarding the proposed improvements to Ely Rail facilities has caused considerable comment and criticism in this area.

Having carried out a transport survey on behalf of many of the residents of Chatteris, as requested by Cambridgeshire County Council, it is very apparent that there is considerable discontent in the transport facilities that are available to residents of Chatteris and surrounding areas and that proposal has exacerbated an already simmering dissatisfaction

I have contacted our MP Steve Barclay and also the relevant portfolio holders with responsibility for transport issues in rural areas both in Fenland Council and Cambridge County Council urging them to appreciate the hardship that many vulnerable people are currently experiencing and to address this problem.

I should like to provide residents with some indication that things might improve but sadly at this time I cannot.

I will not bore your readers with the substance of the numerous complaints that have been levelled at my colleagues on Chatteris Town Council, myself, our district councillors and our Member of Parliament.

Stagecoach appears to act without any consultation in altering its facilities to this area while lauding the success of the Guided Bus Way which is apparently justifying its existence to the privileged folk who are able to use it at our expense.

I wonder if those responsible for the inadequate bus services would be prepared to come to Chatteris and explain to our residents why our service cannot be improved.

Even if it was only on a par with the Norfolk Green services, perhaps using some of the profit that the guided bus way is making, if it is so successful, and visiting us using the public transport system to get here?

We will not be holding our breath but you need to book accommodation as you will not be able to get home the same night.