Businessman offers his answers

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I WRITE in reply to the many letters. As a local shop owner for the last eight years I offer a reply to some of the issues raised.

• Eastern Europeans drinking in public. There is a drinking in public ban in the town which the police enforce, however some people still do it. See how many you can spot on your next visit and how many are local English.

• Eastern Europeans urinating in public. I have seen English locals regularly urinating in St Peter’s grounds and in the seating area at Church Terrace.

•Standing around on pavements talking in their native tongue. While I agree that many have poor manners/courtesy it is not an Eastern European thing. When you go abroad do you speak constantly in the local tongue? My parents and some friends reside in Spain and speak predominantly English, does that make them rude?

• I have not seen ‘packs’ of Eastern Europeans barging into anybody. If any one does get ‘barged or abused’ I suggest reporting it as we have plenty of CCTV.

Unfortunately many opinions are formed without personal experiences or before situations arise. This however, is not to say I am happy with the constant influx of Eastern Europeans into our town. Like many of us emigrate abroad for a better life, others will come here.

I’m sure not all of the Eastern Europeans have contributed to: letting their pets foul the parks/walkways, letting our beautiful buildings decay, closing down the public toilets, charging excessive rates leaving shops and homes vacant and damaging the children’s play area in Waterlees Road.


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