Call to police to crackdown on speeding traffic

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I read with interest in the Citizen the call by GO20 Group for 20mph speed limits in communities and near schools etc with Jamie Butcher’s family supporting it following their tragic loss on Churchill Road, Wisbech, earlier this year. Wimbotsham has one in place already near the school but many ignore it and continue to exceed the limit with the police doing nothing about them - the same as Churchill Road. It is cars, vans, lorries, taxis, motorbikes and buses choosing to ignore the limits. I see it every time I drive to and from Wisbech. On November 16 as my wife and I passed the fire station in Wisbech at 40mph towards town, a car passed us at speed and continued through the 30mph zone without slowing down. Unless the police enforce it more along there, then like Wimbotsham, it will not work.

Brian Baylis


Winter Vomiting bug

Wisbech St Mary Playgroup was forced to shut for three days due to an outbreak of the Winter Vomiting Bug. Staff had to close on Monday due to the 48-hour rule whereby staff and children couldn’t return to work until two full days after their last bout of sickness. The Playgroup remained closed Tuesday and Wednesday to deep clean the whole establishment and all its contents, as advised by the Health Protection Unit. We would like to thank all parents for their co-operation. The playgroup re-opened on November 22 for business as usual. We hope that all other establishments do the same to try and contain this virus and stop it spreading further.

Sally Raven

Wisbech St Mary Playgroup

Petition plea

Robert Harvey, (Citizen November 14), is right. The government is trying to remove a law passed in 1898 that protects workers’ health and safety without any public consultation. A last minute addition to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill in the House of Lords would amend S47 of the Health and Safety at Work Act. This would mean employers no longer had strict liability for their workers’ health and safety. By doing this it not only makes it more difficult for an employee injured at work to claim compensation but also makes it harder to enforce health and safety legislation. An e-petition has been started. If it gets 100,000 signatures it will force a debate in The Commons. You can sign the petition by going to Please sign the petition and get your work colleagues, family, friends and anyone else you can think of to sign it too. It only takes two minutes to sign but it could save someone’s life.

Sue Dockett



I am concerned that comments made in the recent coverage of the opening of the new site for the Middle Level Watermen’s Club may have misled members of the public into believing that the site is intended for visiting boats and public use. Such notions are incorrect, for the new site replaces one of a similar size and occupied by MLWC for 49 years, now sadly vacated for economic reasons. Although the priority of the new site will be for members boats,temporary mooring will be found for members of affiliated clubs who are in transit. Something we have been doing for 49 years.

Robin Gowler

Close shave

The moment I heard I’d won a wet hot shave at Clippers at Wisbech in the Citizen relaunch draw, I mounted my trusty steed and headed into town. My dusty, tired aching backside had scarcely made acquaintance with the Clippers upholstery when Emma from The Citizen came by to ensure I was having a real good time. She studied my grizzled old cowboy features and knew this was gonna’ be a real testing project for Clippers. Well, she didn’t have to worry for I was placed in the hands of a highly skilled and attentive young buck by the name of Sean and he wrapped me up in hot towels, shaved me smooth as a peach and left me smelling a whole lot sweeter than my horse’s saddle. Why don’t y’all have a mighty fine time like this old cowboy did at Clippers.

David Ison


Road blocked

I was annoyed recently with those erecting the Christmas lights. I was on my way home to Nene Parade in March and couldn’t get through because the mobile lifting platform used to install the lights was blocking the road. I couldn’t get in and also another car was trying to get out. Access roads shouldn’t be blocked, in an emergency, speed is essential. It is bad enough in daylight but this was at night. Surely it is a matter of courtesy to let us know if access is going to be denied, even if it is for the Christmas lights.

Robert Harvey