Cancer patients asked for views

THE Government is planning changes to the way new medicines are priced across the country.

These changes are likely to have a significant impact on millions of people living with cancer throughout the UK.

It is vitally important that the views of people with cancer are put at the heart of this new system.

Prostate Cancer UK is concerned that the Government has not done enough to involve people with cancer in the development of the new arrangements.

We are determined to change this. We urgently need people affected by all types of cancer to tell us why new medicines are valuable to them.

We will present these views to the Government to ensure the voice of people with cancer is heard loud and clear.

As someone who has had cancer I know how vital it is that effective medicines that make the biggest difference to people with cancer are approved for use on the NHS in all parts of the UK.

Please take part in our short survey now to help deliver this outcome.

Visit or call 020 8563 3909 (Closes 1 October)


Patient Representative, Prostate Cancer UK