Catastrophic loss to Chatteris

CHATTERIS is set to lose its sorting office. There are over 10,000 people living here and with plans for an extra 1,000 homes the decision is ridiculous to say the least.

The plan is to close our sorting ofrfice and move into the existing one in March but can Royal Mail guarantee the long term security of the March sorting office?

With Royal Mail’s current mass sell off of post offices how can we be sure that this won’t be sold off eventually and re-located to Peterborough?

The thought of having to catch the bus to March everytime I have to pick up mail would, for me, be expensive and time consuming. At the moment, the bus runs once every two hours but with news that there are plans to cut even more bus services in Cambridgeshire, people here who do not drive will be unable to pick their mail up at all.

Hopefully, with public pressure and good publicity by newspapers that cover the Fenland area we can avert a catastrophic loss to Chatteris.