Cats ward off witches warlocks and fire

mummified cat
mummified cat

I READ with interest your story of the mummified cat (Citizen July 25).

A few months ago I was staying at a hotel in Suffolk and they have a mummified cat in residence.

cat plaquew

cat plaquew

Apparently it was good luck to bury a cat alive and leave its body in the building!

Maybe a builder found the cat mummy after renovations to an old building?

Not sure if this cat was buried but maybe a similar case.

DEAN BOSTON via email

Editor’s note.

The cat story sparked a lot of interest among readers and the news desk received calls from people
explaining it was an old custom that burying cats in buildings and homes would keep witches at bay.

The plaque at the hotel in Mr Boston’s letter states: “An aged old East Anglian custom was that by burying a live cat in a building under construction it would protect it from all harm by witches, warlocks and fire.”