Charity urges families to seek benefits advice

April means big changes for everyone – both in work and out of work – who relies on support from tax credits and other benefits to balance their family budgets. With so many entitlements changing, it’s vital readers know how they are going to be affected and have time to prepare.

This month sees the introduction of the bedroom tax (with families in council or social housing being charged for any rooms the government deems extra), legal aid being cut drastically and many benefits failing to rise in line with inflation, instead creeping up by just 1 per cent. In addition, some councils are charging council tax to those on low-incomes for the first time.

Many single parents are on low-incomes, and as the sole earners for their family they are more likely to need support from tax credits and council tax exemptions.

We are very concerned that single parents may not be aware of the huge changes to the support they receive, or know where to turn for help.

We are here to support single parent families with free, easy to use advice and information on these issues and more, which can be found on our website (

We urge any single parent unsure about what is happening to benefits to get online and find out more.

Fiona Weir

Chief executive