Chatteris archive group to the rescue

I WOULD like everyone to know how Chatteris Community Archive saved the day for me.

‘Engage in the Afternoon’ had arranged for a member of HM Prison Whitemoor to give a talk on March 5 about life and work in the prison but unfortunately, the representative was unable to attend. He sent his apologies and we will make arrangements for the talk at a later date.

Fortunately, I had made arrangements with Chatteris Community Archives that, if such an event happened, one of the team would try to come along and help me out. Luckily, someone was able to come at very short notice, which was really appreciated.

We were given a display of photographs which had recently been donated to them and many of the people attending recognised buildings which have long disappeared.

They were able to give a lot of detail about what they were used for and what was happening in the surrounding area.

To her surprise, one lady even recognised that a photograph showed the house where she was born. The house was demolished many years ago.

Everyone present enjoyed the afternoon, so thank you once again to Chatteris Community Archives.