Check out website for crimes

THERE has been much debate in the media on the level of crime in the area and speculation of what nationalities are involved in it.

The response from the police has been that it would take too many expensive man hours to analyse what type of crime and which part of the population was involved in it.

The level of reported crime is in fact available from an Internet website called ‘’

This gives the pattern and numbers of reported crime for any postcode, town or street. The most recent information at the beginning of March 2012 is for the month of January 2012.

It gives the numbers for burglary, anti-social behaviour, robbery, vehicle crime, violent crime, public disorder, shop lifting, criminal damage, other theft and drugs.

It does not give the nationalities of those involved but I would suggest the figures given are a reasonable guide to what crime is happening in an area.

The figures will not, of course, count in the number of incidents that the police deal with on the ground that do not make it to the Internet list.