Christian Aid week

CHURCHES Together in March raised £2,612.28 during Christian Aid Week this year, thanks to the generosity of the people of March.

The money was raised in a number of different ways including a market stall and a coffee morning at Trinity Church, with the bulk of the money coming from house to house (£1,741.26) and street and Sainsbury’s supermarket collections (£466).

The money raised during Christian Aid Week, added to monies raised during the year from Christian Aid lunches and other events, means that nearly £5,000 has been raised for Christian Aid in the past year.

A great deal of the money raised during the year has been donated to Christian Aid’s project in Sierra Leone. This project is supported by the European Union which gives £3 for every £1 we raise.

In the Fenland area money raised by the March and Wisbech Christian Aid Groups, with the EU contribution, is helping provide agricultural training to struggling farmers, as well as assisting with projects to develop nutrition, sanitation and clean water, with the aim of helping people to become self-sufficient.

Thankyou to all those who have assisted with collections, Fenland District Council for enabling us to hold a street collection and run a market stall, Sainsbury’s supermarket for allowing us to collect in the store, and all those who have donated money to Christian Aid this year.


Christian Aid Organiser, Churches Together in March