Closure proposal concern

ONCE again we see an example of how Royal Mail is out of touch with the public.

It was recently announced the future of the Mail Office in Chatteris was being reviewed and the possible effects its closure might have on residents.

Last Friday, before any discussions had taken place, a ‘for sale’ notice was put on the property so it is obvious there is no consultation intended.

Apart from the adverse effect this ugly sign might have on the In Bloom judging, it has caused worry to many of the 12,000 plus residents, especially the elderly.

As it is proposed to move this facility to March, presumably we will have to collect an item that is not delivered from the March office.

There are only buses every two hours in both directions from Chatteris to March. As we will not be aware until after delivery at around 10.30am or later that there is an item to collect, we might be able to catch the 1200 bus. That is assuming the office will not be adopting the current Chatteris office hours and closing at 12.30pm.

With luck we might be able to catch the 2pm bus back. What a performance.

Maybe they would like to think about people who are working and don’t want to take time off to collect a parcel/letter for which Royal Mail have been paid in advance to deliver.

I can recall when we had at least two deliveries a day, three collections from mail boxes and the mail got there next day.

They are driving clients away with actions like this.

I trust residents will make their feelings known.