Colour and creed makes us unique

I WOULD like to thank the writers of two of the letters that appeared in the Citizen February 22 - Steve Carpenter and Richard and Maggie Welford.

I do hope their comments will draw a definitive line under the issue of Eastern Europeans in Wisbech.

I visit Norfolk Street on a regular basis, I go into town and do my shopping weekly in one of the supermarkets where the Eastern European girls are extremely polite and articulate, in what to them is a second language and they are smart too.

I have not lived in the Wisbech area for long but have found the town interesting in many ways and the people very kind and friendly.

I am sure that the majority of people do embrace the different cultures and will continue to extend the warm hand of friendship.

Surely, cruel and spiteful comments will only hurt and alienate people who, in the main, work very hard and who just want to get on with their lives.

Diversity in colour, creed and race is what, after all, makes mankind unique and we are all part of that bigger picture.


Walpole Highway