Common sense has prevailed, at last

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AT Last. Common sense has prevailed with the announcement that 101 MPs are pressing Government to slash subsidies to controversial wind farms.

Finally, MPs agree that these costly and inefficient schemes do more harm than good.

This statement vindicates and echoes the views and warnings that Cambs Environmental and Wildlife Protection (CEWP) has made public over the past decade.

CEWP has worked unceasingly towards public awareness about what it believes is the hi-jacking by industrialists of our Fenland environment.

It is increasingly acknowledged that wind turbines produce little energy considering the costs to the environment and taxpayer.

It is well recorded that in sub zero conditions and at time of great need, wind energy generating almost zero energy because of high pressure (no wind). Over past years the public have been duped into believing that if they did not support this technology, environmental Armageddon would be unleashed into our environment.

Local Government who approved this were warned repeatedly by ecologists and conservationists about the damaging consequences of their actions.

Public support for wind farms is ebbing away. Many now see what was portrayed as “saviours of the planet” as nothing less than a very expensive and damaging myth.

Parts of the British countryside are now blighted by commercial wind turbines.

There is no such thing as free energy, one man’s subsidy is another’s man’s tax.