Community spirit should prevail

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THE biggest community event of the year, Wisbech Rose Fair, is here once again.

Let’s hope this year the whole community enters into the true community spirit. Last year some of us followed the request to park and ride.

We parked at the B&Q car park, rode in by bus, watched the morning parade, enjoyed the flowers in the church and the stalls and planned to ride back to the car on the last bus at 1.30pm from Church Terrace before the afternoon parade.

As we waited for the bus we were told by a police officer that he had cancelled it. We understood he was concerned there was insufficient time before the parade arrived for the bus to safely navigate Church Terrace.

We found this amazing since the parade was not due to leave Victoria Road until 2pm and would not arrive in Church Terrace until well after 2pm.

We were faced with the long walk to B&Q.