Concern about eye screening

WITH regard to the diabetic eye screening at Chatteris (Citizen April 25).

Let’s get the story straight, no one has said the screening service has or was being done at the George Clare Surgery, we only have praise for the diabetic clinics there.

If the Conservative Club was not suitable, why did it take so long to find this out?

After all, I was screened there three times. I wish these people who head these services would stop making excuses - they don’t really want the service in Chatteris.

They did the same to our podiatry clinic some years ago when it was moved to Ely. Eventually we lost that service from the town. We must stand up to those who make these decisions without warning or consultation.

I thank our MP Steve Barclay. I asked him to intervene and he has written to the authorities concerned.

I have tried to get the head of diabetic eye screening to come and talk to us face-to-face about this decision .

The Citizen article says ‘in the meantime we are offering patients appointments in March’. How long is the meantime? Those people going to March, many of them pensioners, will find travelling to March is not cheap.

This is an expense many of them can ill afford.

Where has the ‘health care closer to home’ policy gone?