Concern about lights danger

ON Wednesday August 31 at 8.30pm my partner and I were driving along the A141 about a half mile from the Goosetree junction (March side), when the car in front slammed its brakes on causing us to do the same.

The vehicle then proceeded to pull out and overtook a tractor, without rear lights, pulling a large disc roller.

There are no street lights on this stretch of the road and the machine and tractor were not visible until one was very close to it.

Had a vehicle gone into the disc roller the occupants would, in my opinion, not have come out of it without serious injury and, I doubt if the tractor driver would have felt a thing, as we overtook it appeared that the tractor had no lights on the front either.

I was unable to get a registration number.

Unfortunately, neither of us had a mobile phone with us or we would have immediately telephoned the police.

Do tractor drivers think that somehow the rules of the road do not apply to them?