Concerned about wind turbines

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IN times past I expounded my views concerning green energy, in particular on the subject of wind turbines. Green energy has transformed itself into a con of international proportions worth billions of pounds and we are all victims.

Travelling through the Fens I see many wind farms. When working, the controversial turbines generate such pathetic amounts of energy as to be laughable, to say nothing when they are becalmed. Nationally in a combined contribution, the best they can do be compared to a drop in the ocean.

During the first week of December, official research reveals that nationally wind farms contributed one per cent to the nations energy requirement.

Eight percent of energy bills are being swallowed by ‘renewal obligation’ amounting to a stealth tax of £1.5 billion to fund energy resources.

Wind turbines are wrecking the countryside. A German company are seeking planning permission to erect a couple of turbines 493 feet high, visible for 20 miles.

I hope they fail. Production of wind turbines (the Danes started it decades ago and still rely on conventional means) and rent paid for siting the things let alone the obvious desecration of beautiful countryside outweighs the benefits?

The best national average managed from this source of energy in full flow varies between three and seven per cent.

Failing arms often fail to deliver. Best remember there’s money in new-fangled wind turbines and it’s certainly not for the customers’ pockets.

Powerful, direct, unhindered and reliable generating techniques are achieved by harnessing nuclear power to the country’s energy requirements.

France can teach a thing or two about that and the country has enough megawatts to sell other nations including the UK.

I am glad our government has come round to realise the importance of generating our own power by the most efficient means and that we do not have to rely on sources from abroad.

A definite risk in supply arises from replying on foreign help particularly as regards continuing supplies of energy i.e. gas and perhaps more importantly from an ever-present political advantage, but not ours. Our governments have never been to the fore in that respect.

Members of the green club recently sent delegates to the warm climes of Mexico while many in other parts of the world, including Britain, are struggling to keep warm.