Concerned for carbon footprint

I HAVE been a member of the Hudson Leisure Centre at Wisbech since it first opened and have always been satisfied with the facilities and the staff who are very efficient, well-trained and are very good at their job.

It has come to my notice that Fenland District Council has, in their wisdom, decided to transfer managers from the Hudson Leisure centre to work at their other centres at March and Whittlesey.

Managers from these other centres will then be transferred to work in Wisbech. Surely this is not very good for our carbon footprint, to send someone who lives in Wisbech and, runs or cycles to work, over to March and then send someone in the other direction.

Perhaps there is a hidden agenda, is it because Fenland District Council want to make life awkward for its staff so they leave rather than being made redundant?

I really think the council should rethink this decision and appreciate how well the staff do their job and how they interact with the public, not getting them to pass each other on the A47 as they travel to work.

Maybe Fenland will insist the staff drive electric cars or mopeds to their future place of work?

I somehow do not think so. Eco-friendly Fenland! You can be the judge on that one.