‘Costly experiment’ will be a future blight

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IN response to Simon King (Citizen October 19) about Wisbech Market Place.

Most of his statements are correct, apart from “Wisbech Town Council are doing what most people want”.

The true facts are, there will be through traffic from the High Street to Church Terrace. When asked why Mr King said so that lorries do not have to turn round. So the Market Place is to be a lorry route.

It will become the favourite cruising route for lads with sound systems.

We are told by the leader of the Town Council that the new Market Place is based on the original plan Option 2 which has been ‘tweaked’. Has anyone seen a copy of that tweaked plan?

Mayor Jonathan Farmer tells us the route through the Market Place “doesn’t lead anywhere”.

If I’m at the lights on the Town Bridge and I want to go to West Street, Norfolk Street or Victoria Road, will I choose the route via Nene Quay, round Freedom Roundabout, or will I nip through the Market Place?

Where does the traffic entering via High Street go when the Market Place is bollarded off?

The councillors’ decision is being driven by a coterie of vested interests. One county councillor has said he believes in localism.

“The people in the Market Place should make the decision” he says. Some of us remember the decisions to reject development in Wisbech in the 1950s and 60s. They were also driven by vested interest and Wisbech missed out. If we shoppers desert the Market Place how many shops will survive?

History is about to repeat itself and Wisbech will be landed with an unenforceable scheme. Businesses are right to object to full pedestrianisation. They need access at all times.

There is a middle way that allows everyone access but which will reduces the number of vehicles mixing with shoppers.

It would control the number of vehicles in the present zone during busy periods while allowing access for all when it is quiet. The system has been presented to the decision makers who have dismissed it.

Our councillors are about to land us all with a costly “experiment” that will not solve anything. It will become permanent and blight our town for decades to come.