Council is looking for new objectives

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FOR some time there has been speculation about a number of actions that Wisbech Town Council has taken, and I can, hopefully, set the record straight.

Recently I commented that there were two key things that have left Wisbech reeling; the closure of the town’s rail link and the transfer of powers and finance from Wisbech Borough Council to Fenland District Council. Wisbech Town Council has been actively trying to do something about these two factors for some years now as part of a planned programme, embodied, to a large extent, in the Wisbech Town Plan April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2014.

To some extent, the Council’s objectives have been achieved. We were able to purchase the freehold of the council chamber and offices here from Fenland Council for £1. We were able to buy back the freehold of 44.4 acres from FDC for £1 and we were given a grant of £18,000 towards there maintenance and we were able to purchase the freehold of the Market Place for £1 from FDC and they provided a grant of £25,000 towards improving the Market Place.

To add to the Town Council’s asset portfolio, we have now been offered the freehold of two of the toilet blocks in the town which this council is in the process of buying.

This time not for £1 sadly, but a purchase that this Town Council believes is a good investment in the social well-being of Wisbech.

The investment in the future of the Rail Link between Wisbech and March also forms part of the Town Council’s objectives.

The Mayor Cllr Viv MacRae at the Wisbech Town Assembly also said that it is part of her vision for the future that Wisbech takes back the freehold of Wisbech Park, and this too may become an achievable aspiration.

The Town Assembly also considered the Wisbech Town Plan and has decided that it does need significantly refreshing as we have achieved many of the objectives originally set in place four years ago.

Having been in the public arena for two months and published in the town’s newsletter, Wisbech Town Matters, and on the Wisbech Town Council website, I have been asked as the Town Clerk to rewrite this important document for the Town Council to consider new objectives.

Anyone who has any suggestions are asked to write to: Wisbech Town Council at 1 North Brink, Wisbech PE13 1JR, or email:


Town Clerk, Wisbech Town Council