Councillors call for re-think

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DESPITE the deteriorating recession that is affecting so many of our residents in Wisbech, the Conservative controlling group on the Town Council decided to increase the local rates (precept) by 35 percent.

We would like to state that we do not support this increase.

With regard to the Wisbech public toilets Fenland Council were closing, we were told by the Conservative group that the best deal they could negotiate was £22,500 to purchase them.

To bring them up to an acceptable standard we’re told by FDC will cost a further £68,000.

So purchase price £22,500, annual cleaning £20,000 and £68,000 refurbishment- a good deal for Wisbech?

March Town Council negotiated a rent of £10 a year!

In this time of austerity, while we all dream of a railway line from Wisbech, we also see no purpose in Wisbech residents being charged £60,000 towards funding a lease of the railway line when the leader of FDC said finances are not available and, in any event, would cost £30m which he considered an underestimate of the actual cost.

Local people shouldn’t be asked to fund this. We should be demanding a comprehensive transport system from the government.

We would ask the Conservative controlling group on Wisbech Town Council to reconsider their strategy and think realistically about the real needs of Wisbech.


Wisbech Town councillors Virginia Bucknor, Michael Bucknor, Dave Patrick, Robert McLaren and Reg Mee