Councillors should be fined

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I REALLY feel the need to voice my opinion in agreement with Mr Harvey on the matter of councillors using public places as toilets, and also the councillor’s comment “blown out of proportion”.

I was fined myself not too long ago for dropping my cigarette end in a public place, (I’m not saying I wasn’t wrong in doing so) and having wrote a letter of appeal and failing, I was made to pay £75 within a seven day period, otherwise would have found myself in court facing a fine of £1,000 plus court costs.

Now as a mother of two, working full time struggling to make ends meet - this to me is blowing matters out of proportion.

My questions are?

-Why haven’t the Councillors in question been fined?

-Why have they got away with in my opinion, an offence much worse? (Not once, but a number of times)

Not only are they able it seems, to sort out their own pay rises, they seem to have different rules for themselves. This to me is things getting out of proportion.