Counting the cost of imposing taxi meters

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I AM writing about the story in the Citizen November 9 about meters in taxis, Lisa Corbett of Bev’s Taxis and the problem she is having with the council to stop meters from being imposed

Don’t the council know meters in taxis could cause many problems for the firms, not just Bev’s Taxis but others too?

Mrs Corbett is quite within her rights to fight for something for which she believes.

The drivers would have to pay for the meters out of their own pockets as if they don’t have enough to pay out.

Don’t the council realise taxi firm’s have insurance to pay, also they have to pay for their licence from the council as well as wear and tear on their vehicles.

This all comes out of their wage at the end of the day.

If the council pushes these people into having meters and they have to push up the fares, people will stop using taxis. This will lead to job losses.

Is this want the council wants to happen or will this push the taxi drivers to places like London and Cambridge where they can profit from meters?

This is only a small town so leave the drivers to make a living the best way they can.

Us pensioners rely on the taxis here for many things.

I would like to say good luck to Mrs Corbett. You have my custom no matter what happens as you give a good service for the money charged.