Crime questions for Wisbech

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WE are told by Inspector Robin Sissons that there has been a reduction in reported crime in Wisbech in the last few months, whether this is due to the level of police influence or other factors like the weather, who can say.

In fact the average for the six months to June were 319 for King’s Lynn and 335 for Wisbech.

Information from the website over the last 19 months from December 2010 shows King’s Lynn had an average monthly total of 395 reported crimes, and Wisbech an average of 371. Bearing in mind the population of King’s Lynn is over twice the size of Wisbech this equates to crimes affecting each member of the population of less than one percent for King’s Lynn and almost two percent for Wisbech.

The website does break down reported crime by type, one example are the figures for violent crime.

The figures since January 2012 for King’s Lynn equate to an average of 40 per month and 36 for Wisbech.

Maybe Insp Sissions or someone else can suggest the cause of Wisbech having twice the reported crime rates of King’s Lynn?