Disappointed with rat response

REGARDING the “Rat issue” article (Citizen February 15).

Thank you for writing an accurate article and bringing it to the attention of your readers but we were disappointed by the Fenland Council spokesman’s response.

It would appear that the council choose and failed to address the issue of the rat infestation in the property, which continues to impact and affect neighbouring properties.

The council have already carried out a survey, in conjunction with Elston Environmental Services, which confirmed rat infestation at the property, served legal notices under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, placed monitoring blocks and then baited the land and left neighbours having to contend with the stench of dead rats (August/September 2011).

The rats have returned, additional accumulations along a passageway and in the gardens/moorings of the property have been deposited, encouraging the rats.

So the question is why will the council not address the source/problem within their legal powers or duty of care?


March (details supplied)