Disgust at car boot sale theft

ON October 16 my wife and daughter had decided to do a car boot sale at Skylark.

The aim was to raise cash towards our children’s Christmas.

Among the items they were selling was an original Atari CX2600 Games Console with some games which I had checked on Ebay to be selling at between £25 and £75.

We priced this at £30.

They arrived soon after 8am and were finishing off setting up when the buyers’ gate was opened at 8.30am.

By 9.15am they phoned me to say the Atari unit had been stolen.

What kind of low-life would steal from a car boot sale?

If any reader knows of someone who has recently got an old Atari system – which is not available any more – I would appreciate a call or perhaps a call to the Citizen.

Possibly the thief may feel a little remorse and do the same. My mobile number is 07525-128299.