Do away with the packaging

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WITH reference to Madeleine Forster and her query on recycling plastics, I received an almost identical answer from Fenland Council.

I fail to understand the logic in any of this, especially when Cllr Peter Murphy, FDC’s portfolio holder for the environment, is promoting free ‘see through’ bags for recycling as part of the “quality counts” campaign, because since I received my copy of “Recycle More” my recycling has reduced, and the waste in my “green” landfill bin has increased.

Prior to that, anything that had a recyclable sign on it, went in my “green” blue bin. Obviously, there are more things to be considered, the main one being cost. To recycle effectively would, I assume, mean an increase in local taxes.

The alternative is to tackle the problem from the other direction and do away with unnecessary packaging.

It strikes me with regard to saving the planet, those in power want to be seen doing the right thing but in effect baulk at the idea because of cost.

Anyway, why can’t FDC have a change-over bin day, so that we can put our recycling in the green bin.

I don’t know the reasons why our bin colours are as they are, but it wouldn’t have taken much for someone to suggest that when the blue bins were introduced to make the green coloured one the recycling bin.