Dogs off the lead make me nervous

IN reply to the article “Keep dogs under control plea” (Citizen January 18) about the collie-cross Flynn who was attacked by a Staffordshire Terrier in Blue Lane, Wimblington.

A few years ago my beautiful Labrador was attacked along a footpath in Wimblington.

I was only around 14 years-old and had taken my best buddy for a walk. He was trained and very docile and had never harmed another person/dog in his ten years. I was used to walking him on this walk around one to two times a week. I often passed two owners with aggressive dogs on leads but this time a white German Shepherd-type dog was waiting round the corner, off lead and with his owner some distance away.

The dog lurched for my dog’s neck causing us huge vets bills and, like Flynn’s story, the owner seemed to be in no hurry to help, or care about my dog or how shaken up I was.

We were later told the dog had been destroyed. All of this was caused by the dog not being on the lead. If I can keep a calm dog on a lead which is not dangerous, then I don’t see why others can’t do the same.

The attack on my dog made him weak and he died less than two years later and I can’t help but think he might have hung on a little longer if it weren’t for that day.

I’m still nervous today with our new puppy around other dogs especially when dogs off the lead approach him.


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