Elderly are being ‘pushed aside’

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WITH Kingswood Park in mind, it is becoming clear the elderly are being marginalised. Council cuts leave no alternative but to increase charges for care of the elderly and some are planning to close council-assisted care homes.

Private companies involved in care are also viewing prospects of strengthening their economical base, moving away from the care sector. Councils increasing charges on services to the elderly seem not to take into account older people generally exist on limited pensions and are unable to withstand on-going increase for critical care. They are being pushed aside.

Care of the elderly is in crisis and a national survey is long overdue. Lives are at risk from the heavy cuts which spare no-one from misery and worry.

Care is being eradicated and the government is rapidly introducing measures apparently without any regard to the effect it will have on the elderly.

Unless something is done, this will inevitably result in a frustrating, worrying existence for the aged and drive them into isolation.

A way must be found to support care homes and day centres as well as home care within a person’s surroundings.

Government and local councils should be prepared to make exceptions. The elderly deserve better attention than they are receiving.

How is it that privately-run company care homes with 20 to 50 rooms all occupied charge £500 to £850 a week for basic attention?

The situation warrants in-depth study exploring co-operation between government and district councils to devise a fair increase in county rates and government infusion based on the existing national insurance scheme.